These ropes are manufactured from 100% Virgin HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE raw material. The ropes are manufactured in world class extrusion and twisting machines.

Custom made package size, length and weight can be manufactured according to specific requirements of customers.

Product Characteristics :

  • strong and durable
  • chemical resistance
  • unaffected by weather
  • available in attractive colors

Plastic Sutli

Cotton Rope and Twine

Poly Propylene Rope

The most of the characteristic and process are same as H.D.P.E. ropes but the major difference is it made from 100% virgin poly propylene split film, instead of monofilament yarn.

These ropes being lighter and stronger by nature finds a lot of demand in international as well as local market.

Semi P.P. Rope

HDPE Twine

H.D.P.E twine is made from 100% virgin H.D.P.E. material in the world class twisters. It is widely used in fishing and other general purpose.

The twine strictly confirms to industries quality standards.
  • Controlled elongation, hence better knot stability better shock absorption
  • The construction of twine makes netting completely balanced and torque free.
  • Available in attractive colors and various format like loop and reel.

Box Strap



This product is made from 100% virgin H.D.P.E. material. It is widely used in domestic level in chairs and other furniture.

It is available in various colors, sizes, & patterns like color bonus, English matty, Italian matty, Half patta, plain etc.

Cotton Line Dori

Cotton Twill Tape

We can provide custom sized twill tapes according to your requirements. Tapes can be Custom-Made for bulk orders as per the original samples provided. Any weave, any color, multiple-color, natural color, white and grey variations can be made by us.

Cotton Nadi


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